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Part 4: Cercei Lannister.The royal party finally arrived in a months time, Winterfell ready to receive their guests from the south. The fat king, Robert Baratheon had not even wasted more than a few seconds greeting his friends family before rushing to Ned Stark's room to see his ailing friend, leaving Catelyn, her womb now slightly swelling with Jon's child, to show the guests to their rooms.#######################Sansa came towards Jon as he stood quietly near one of the windows of his room, looking upon the ground of winterfell at night. He turned to look into the deep blue eyes of his wife in all but name. They were both naked, the fire blazing in the fireplace keeping them from feeling the cold of the north's winter. He moved away from the window as she walked into his arms, carrying her bridal style to the warm bed and covering themselves with thick fur and blankets."Jon?" Sansa finally spoke."Hmmm?" He murmured, his fingers playing with her fiery red hair lovingly."I want you to take the queen."Jon's dark eyes widened for a minute as he stared in shock at Sansa, who looked at her lover/husband calmly."Sansa…i think having the north under our power with two of the most powerful house's women bearing my children is the limit. No need to take the south when we and ours to come will have the north for generations." He said quietly to his wife.Sansa didn't seem fazed. "Do it for me, Jon. I want you to wipe the smug look off her face after you fuck her, make her a submissive bitch I can order around as your wife. Fuck her so hard that all she'll think of at the sight of me is that I hold the power over whether she gets to fuck the cock she craves. YOUR cock, husband. Make her cum at the thought of bearing your children and cry at a refusal to bear your heirs. I just want you to bring her to her knees." She said as Jon smirked at the devious wife, bringing her close and kissing her lovingly."Very well, dear wife. And what do I get out of this for my efforts?" He asked as Sansa smirked."Apart from fucking the queen and making her bear your heir like common gutter trash as well as getting an heir and foothold on the throne of the seven kingdoms? Well…." She trailed of as her red hair disappeared into the blankets and Jon's toes clenched as the sound of sucking at his crotch was heard.Oh yes, life was good for THIS bastard.###########################Cercei Lannister was a beauty beyond description within Westeros. She could have any man she wanted, ever her own brother fell under her spell. Her body and beauty left many man lusting for her attentions. Those piercing green eyes and long, flowing golden hair and curvaceous body was enough to see to it. She was also dangerous and powerful. Her position of queen was enough to see to that. She was a queen among women, a dominant lioness, giving in to no one.….."FUCK!!! BY THE SEVEN!! FUCK ME! FUCK ME MORE!! OH HELLS!!! I'M CUMMING!!!"Which begged the question of how she could have been easily broken by the bastard stark boy. Jon snow. The name that meant nothing to her a few days ago was now said with adoration, loyalty and complete love and want.Jon takes her dripping wet pussy from behind, mounting this lioness like a true wolf in heat, her cries of pleasure grow in tempo each minute as he slam into her needy cunt again and again. It is lucky that they are in an abandoned castle, far from winterfell that he had prepared after a few days. If she learned anything from this, it was never to call a man to her bed she knows nothing about. It has led her here, to thus moment as minute by minute, Jon snow begins to own her, body and soul. He pulls her head up by her long, golden hair, her green eyes glazed over in pleasure as he mashes their lips together, his tongue invading her mouth as he kisses her possessively before letting her head drop back to the bed as she cums again and bathes her new lovers cock in her sweet juices."Ahhh, fuck. This pussy is divine. If I knew lion pussy was this good, I would have come south a long time ago." He growls, slamming harder into Cercei's pussy, making her cries out in pleasure and cum again."By the seven, your just a damn river of juices, aren't you, you blonde whore. Queen my ass. You should have been in a brothel. Seven know that you'd have still been dripping in gold with a cunt this good." Jon says, smirking as he sees Cercei's face flush in embarrassment before crying out In want as Jon pulls his thick cock out of her pussy,小12萝8禁在线喷水观看 leaving her curvy ass in the sir with her pussy clenching in want as the rest of her body hits the bed in exhaustion.He pushes her down to the bed and shifts her onto her back before spreading her legs open and beginning to pound into her pussy hard. Her toes clench at the assault as her mouth opens to shout in pleasure, only for Jon to slam his mouth over hers in a deep kiss."Seven! His kissing me like we are lovers from childhood. This is how a real man kisses a woman, not that stupid shit Jaime does." She can't help but think as he breaks the kiss and begins really slamming into her needy cunt. His cock passes through her cervix into her royal womb and she can't help but scream loudly in pleasure at the intrusion into her royal breeding chamber. Even Jaime had never gotten through.She looked up to see Jon's face tightening as he worked to hold his orgasm. He was going to….NO!!"No! Wait, Please! You mustn't…!" She began to plead frantically as Jon smirked."Too late, you royal bitch. I'm going to make this blonde bitch womb bear my pups. A lioness with a wolves child. I'm going to make you grow big with my child. And being the blonde Lannister whore that you are, you'll ALWAYS come back for more. You're going to bear me a child for the throne. A strong child of the north to put on the throne. I don't want to even HEAR of that idiot joffrey on the throne. You WILL have him killed, or make him disappear. I don't care but OUR child will be king or queen. You can marry off your other kids to some other house." He said as her green eyes widened, his cock still fucking her hard.To think that she didn't even feel a thing when he ordered her to kill joffrey and yet was yearning for his child and imagining nursing his blonde haired and dark eyed baby! She really was falling in love. And just because she couldn't keep her legs from spreading."Your going to be bearing my heirs for a long time, Cercei. A long time indeed. Your going to be my little blonde slut and I'm going to fuck you whenever I want. You'd best get on Sansa's good side, if you ever want a taste of my cock again. When I ever come to king's landing, I expect to find two more blonde Lannister sluts with you, ready to bear a bastard in my wombs. I'm going to fill the Lannister house with my children, so best get ready. But for now, this royal womb is going to bear my child. SO TAKE MY CUM, LANNISTER WHORE!!!" Jon roared in triumph as Cercei cried in pleasure and wrapped her legs around his back as he bottomed out in her cunt and began to spray her womb with his virile seed.She felt huge globs of virile sperm surge into and fill her womb, impregnating her with his child, no doubt. His cock retracted from her womb into her pussy and filled it to the brim before he pulled out, watching as his thick, hot and fertile sperm drained from her knocked up cunt. The spunk was literally steaming in the air as it flowed from her cunt as Jon roared and aimed his cock at her face, sending thick streams onto her beautiful features and blonde hair.He placed his cock at her mouth and watched as soft lips mewled and sucked on his cock lovingly, drinking the plentiful amount of leftover cum in his throbbing cock like the royal slut she was.To be continued……




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